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New Haandi 2000 Restaurant


Clockwise from top: Goat Curry, Basmati Rice, Matar Paneer, Aloo Gobi, Tandoori Chicken


the best Pakora
Warm Naan Bread
Clockwise from top: Pakora, Chana Masala, Kari Pakora, and Butter Chicken

Even though the decor at Haandi is definately not the best, I find it a very good place to get traditional Indian food. The decor includes silk scarves stapled to the ceiling (that doesn’t sound very good, does it?), unmemorable artwork on the walls, dimmed lighting and paper placements, over a tablecloth and under glass for the table settings. Indian food can be very spicy and strongly flavoured.

For some one first trying out Indian cuisine, there are some dishes at Haandi’s I would like to recommend. Their Butter Chicken with basmati rice is delicious yet not overpowering. Pakora (deep fried vegetable fritters – yum), Kari Pakora (the fritters slowly cooked with a classic yogurt and chickpea flour sauce), and Tandoori chicken (marinated roasted chicken).

I tried their goat curry for the second time on my last visit. The first time I tried it, the goat was actually just a piece of big bone. I’ve been wanting to try the goat curry again, but I never got around to it. On this visit I made sure to get some nice pieces of meat. In general I find that their meat dishes are very succulent and soak up the flavours of the sauces or marinades. The goat curry sauce is a bit spicier than some of their other dishes. A milder choice is the butter chicken which has a creamy, sweet, savoury taste. The Matar Paneer (homemade cheese cubes and green peas cooked in a tomatoe/coconut milk sauce) is a bit of a runnier sauce than say the butter chicken, but it goes great either with a spoon or soaked up with some warm Naan. I think that Haandi’s Pakora is alot flufflier and overall tastier than any we’ve tried anywhere else. I also like the sweet onion taste of their pakoras and how well the pakora goes in their Kari sauce. You can get the Tandoori chicken as either a drumstick or a thigh. I personally think either choice is delicious. The marinated meat is firm, with a bit of saltiness from the juice of the meat. It still has a pronounced chicken flavour however. Another thing that I prefer is that you can eat the chicken with your hands.

Even though doesn’t look very pretty because its mostly different shades of browns and yellows it still tastes really good. The service has always been friendly and quick to start once you’re at the table. One time I lost a tooth there, while I was eating and the waiter was very calm and kind about it. I think that is was good that he was kind like that, cause it was a bit bloody. And warm, fresh Naan is always brought to the table.

New Haandi 2000 Restaurant 1401 Gerrard St E
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Olives Revisited


Not my favorite for now

Even though I hate olives now, I might like them when I get older, if a lot of other people do. Or I could still hate them. Thank you everyone for looking at my new blog and writing comments.

Olives : And Why I Hate Them


One of my least favourite "fruits"

One reason I hate olives is the TASTE. It doesn’t taste like anything except brine and salt with a little bit of bitterness. I dont’t even know how to describe that flavour, its the best I can come up with. Half the people who eat olives, actually have to put something in them (pimento), to make them taste better. Olives are not even edible raw, even though they are a fruit. Why should they be eaten by humans, when God intended that they were not edible for humans. Aside from that, they are the only fruit that is SALTY, not sour or sweet. That’s pretty much it. Other than to add, I don’t even want to eat them cooked.

Dangerous Dan’s


The Coronary Burger Special

My tzaitiki, cheddar and mushroom burger
Dangerous Dan’s Poutine

This is my first post on my blog. The meal I had was a beef burger with tzaitiki, cheddar and mushrooms. I found it hard to actually taste the tzaitiki sauce. Maybe they didn’t put enough on the burger. But I was impressed that they used real cheddar cheese, instead of the processed cheese a lot of places use.

On the side, we all had Poutine. I found the gravy was quite flavourful and not too salty. I found that Dangerous Dan’s poutine is just as good as the poutine I had at the Exhibition last summer.

The dessert ideas they have there are brilliant; ranging from, the classic deep fried Mars bar, to the creative Cookie Cow pie. This is panfried cookie dough with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. But we were too full to try any. Maybe next time.

The decor of Dangerous Dan’s is definately not for those who want a fancy restaurant. However, Dangerous Dan’s does have comical burger themed posters on the walls, old car seats for their booths and chalkboard menu displayed over the open kitchen.

Dangerous Dan’s 714 Queen St E (at Broadview)

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Work in progress



This is Mom Leslie writing. Getting this blog started. I’m old and tech challenged. Told this site was idiot proof. Even with the “Blogging for Dummies” book, I’m struggling. How dumb am I? Cleansing breath. We’ll get there 


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