Dangerous Dan’s


The Coronary Burger Special

My tzaitiki, cheddar and mushroom burger
Dangerous Dan’s Poutine

This is my first post on my blog. The meal I had was a beef burger with tzaitiki, cheddar and mushrooms. I found it hard to actually taste the tzaitiki sauce. Maybe they didn’t put enough on the burger. But I was impressed that they used real cheddar cheese, instead of the processed cheese a lot of places use.

On the side, we all had Poutine. I found the gravy was quite flavourful and not too salty. I found that Dangerous Dan’s poutine is just as good as the poutine I had at the Exhibition last summer.

The dessert ideas they have there are brilliant; ranging from, the classic deep fried Mars bar, to the creative Cookie Cow pie. This is panfried cookie dough with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. But we were too full to try any. Maybe next time.

The decor of Dangerous Dan’s is definately not for those who want a fancy restaurant. However, Dangerous Dan’s does have comical burger themed posters on the walls, old car seats for their booths and chalkboard menu displayed over the open kitchen.

Dangerous Dan’s 714 Queen St E (at Broadview)

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Hi, my name is Callum. Even though I am only 17 years old, I have been working on my palette and enjoy many foreign foods. I've been doing this blog for a a few years now, mostly for family-owned restaurants in Toronto. As I've gotten familiar with this whole blogging thing, I've started to add posts on other food related topics and not just do restaurant critiques. My interests include; space, astro-physics, Sci-Fi, dinosaurs and of course Food. I hope you enjoy my blog!

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  1. This was an adorable post Callum, I particularly liked your section about poutine. The photos were great and the review concise.

  2. I am going to try poutine for the first time this summer. I can’t wait. This was a great review, Callum! (p.s. this is Reighan’s friend Sorcha’s mom.)

  3. I love Dangerous Dan’s! I agree, it’s a fun place to eat rather than fancy. I’d love to try one of the desserts, but would have to forgo the rest of the dinner.
    Love your reviews, keep them coming!

  4. What a wonderful review! Sounds like you are getting to try some really tasty food around town! If you happened to be a soup fanatic like myself, try Esther’s Soup Kitchen (2 Bloor St West in the back of the Cumberland Mall) They have about 8 homemade soups every day, a couple of them vegan and they’re all dairy free (and super tasty). They do some soup and sandwich combo’s too , so if you’re on a lunch excursion , let me know what you think of this place if you get the chance to grab a bite there! I discovered it when I was working in that building a couple of years ago.
    Bon Appetite!

  5. ever tried the burgers priest?, its a great small place, but the burgers are delicious, its the only place in toronto that can rival dangerous dans

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