Dangerous Dan’s Elvis Shake


I came across this shake while waiting for a restaurant across the street to open. We want to do a review of The Real Jerk, a Jamacian restaurant, but it opens at two o’clock on a Sunday.  We had to wait an hour and it was raining outside. So we killed half that time by having an Elvis shake at Dangerous Dan’s. The Elvis shake is made from chocolate ice cream, peanut butter and bananas (I kid you not).

I found the shake to be surprisingly tasty, but my mother didn’t like it as much.  In fact, she felt it was just a really bad idea. It was hard to taste the chocolate ice cream, which means either the peanut butter was too overwhelming or the peanut butter and chocolate merged to make a new flavour. Because I thought mine was accidently too thick, we switched cups for a little while. I found my mom’s shake had more of a banana-like flavour. This shows that the ingredient ratio is not constant. Probably because of the peanut butter I thought the shake was too thick to suck through the straw without a lot of effort. Next time I go to Dangerous Dan’s I want to try out a different shake, to see if that theory is correct.

Struggling to get the Elvis Shake through the straw

Dangerous Dans Diner 714 Queen St E
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Hello, my name is Callum. I was born in 1999 and have been working on this food blog for years. Through it, I’ve worked in expanding my palette and trying as many different types of foods and cuisines as possible. I’m casually interested I different scientific topics - like astrophysics and palaeontology - and I’m also something of a pop culture nerd as well. As covered in my other blog autismthinking.com, I am involved in a variety of sports in Special Olympics, and I also do Tae Kwon Do outside of the SO. Toronto’s food scene is well known for being multi-layered and quite diverse. It is also restlessly changing. While many of the restaurants reviewed in my blog have since closed, just as many more have opened up. It has made for an interesting journey over the years, one I wish to continue through this blog. I hope you enjoy it!

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  1. I love the combination and how they came to call it the “Elvis Shake” :0) Which one will you try next time? I wonder if you’ll have to “drink” that one with a spoon instead of a straw. Looking forward to your review on The Real Jerk!

  2. Constancy and consistency…. seems one-or-the-other is out of balance. However, chocolate and peanut butter? Reese’s found out about THAT glorious combo a long-time now! 😉

  3. That shake sounds really delicious. I find a spoon works well with an overly-thick shake, go slow to avoid icecream headache. Guess they are playing Elvis’s favorite sandwich, the “I’ll have a peanut butter, bacon and banana sandwich with extra honey…” Seems like a weird combination… wonder if it would go well with green olives? Jerk chicken after that shake would be rather interesting. If they serve it, try the Ackee and Saltfish (Jamaican national dish) Ackee’s and Saltfish/Jerk smoothie?

  4. heyyy calllum, ur doing a great job reviewing, some good places to eat in toronto…but a little fyi…if a restaurant serves you a milkshake in a styrofoam cup…chances are that the shake wil be from ok to mediocre….love, pride & lots of fresh ingredience goes into making a fantastic, thick milkshake…how was the food @ the REAL JERK ?..let us know…would like to try there some time soon…

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  6. I just drove by Dangerous Dan’s last week when I was at work. I didn’t stop in though. I wasn’t hungry at the time, and needed something healthier.

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