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Inside The Real Jerk

In a previous post, my Dangerous Dan’s Elvis Shake post, to be exact; I mentioned that we were originally in the neighbourhood to eat at The Real Jerk.  After this, The Real Jerk was never brought up, and things progressed without mentioning it, until now.  Now the waiting for The Real Jerk post is over (excessive cheering can be heard).  The reason it took so long for me to post my review of this restaurant is because we had to go there twice in order to taste enough menu items.


A beef patty, the first thing I ate at The Real Jerk

The Real Jerk beef patties are not suprisingly much better than the ones you get at say a place like “Coffee Time”.  For one thing the pastry is flavourful and flaky like it should be.  When you take your first bite, you get a big pocket of steam so it looks like there is not much meat in it and you wonder if you’ve been conned.  But as you eat it, the patty compresses and magically becomes more meat filled.  The moist, creamy meat filling had a delicious gravy with a sweet onion taste.

My Mom's Plate: Jerk Chicken, Spicy Shrimp, Rice and Peas, Coleslaw

Given the name of the restaurant, I shall review the Jerk Chicken first.  Ironically The Real Jerk’s, Jerk Chicken, was dry and didn’t have a lot of flavour.  We can’t give a fair review of The Spicy Shrimp because the waiter said it was the spiciest item on the menu so my mother decided to ask for a milder version. The Rice and Peas is actually rice and kidney beans with oxtail gravy. I thought it was an average side dish with no redeeming qualities while my mother wanted to take a bath in the gravy (not literally – whew).

My Plate: Chicken Wings, Pork Ribs, RIce and Peas, Coleslaw and pepper sauce on the side

Ribs are one of my favorite types of meat, along with sausages.  So it’s no surprise that I loved the succulent, delicious Jerk Ribs.  The jerk sauce was a bit sweet and mild, while the pepper sauce (on the side) had a really high spice level that required a lot of coke and coleslaw to cool down.  As for my wings, I really don’t remember what they tasted like because we didn’t write any notes.  So we’ll default to “unmemorable”.


Cod Fritters

Cod Fritters, in case you were wondering, taste like fish & chips only way better.  The way they made it, was that the fish is mixed in with the batter, so the whole fritter tastes of the cod, unlike battered fish which is usually just mostly the batter.  The Cod Fritter batter also has flavour within itself and it wasn’t greasy.  Nana loved these cod fritters.

Banana Fritters

As for the Banana Fritters, Nana and I thought they were too sweet and didn’t like them, while my mother loved them.

My Plate: Curry Goat & Fried Chicken combo

The Goat Curry tasted like I thought it should be, only better.  I also found the Fried Chicken to be quite juicy and delicious.  My mom’s curry chicken was also very tender so because of this, we think the dryness of the Jerk Chicken was an isolated incident.

My Mom's Plate: Curry Chicken combo

I found the Curry Chicken to have a good flavour but too mild, spice-wise.  My mom really enjoyed the curry flavour as it reminded her of the yellow curries from her childhood.

My Nana's Plate: Rasta Pasta

Both Nana and I agree that the Rasta Pasta (noodles and veggies in a coconut cream sauce) had a nice sweet richness to the sauce without an overwhelming coconut flavour.  There was also a generous amount of vegetables in the pasta and Nana was pleased with the choice of vegetables that were in it. She was worried it was going to have a bunch of cabbage in it as filler, and this was not the case.

Although The Real Jerk is not my exclusive choice for Jamacian food and I would like to try other Jamacian restaurants; I would go back to them again for those hidden treasure dishes.

The Real Jerk : 709 Queen Street East

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  1. Yo Callum SUPER happy you said that about the Jerk chicken there. I didn’t want to sway your review by saying something but I really didn’t dig their jerk chicken…and I mean….I’ve had SIDE OF THE ROAD chickens LITERALLY running around waiting to become food eat in your car wrapped in tin foil jerk chicken so I know what it SHOULD taste like…and that wasn’t it. Your writing is getting REALLY good little dude, fo realsies.

  2. Fantastic review Callum and had me laughing! Those cod fritters make my mouth water just hearing you describe them. Great work on the post because again, you have added another restaurant onto my “dining wish list”!

  3. “Rasta Pasta,” sounds like it would really tast good. Good name for a restaurant in Venice Beach. The Oxtail gravy goes well with rice, etc. Cod fritters sound excellent, rather northern, but the banana friters should really be made with Plantain with no breading. Ribs have rarely let me down…Btw, had a churro at D-land. Great post. Too bad about the Jerk Chicken, it could be the hallmark of the restaurants success; Anonymous to the culinary professionals that Callum is an exceptional food and restaurant critic.

  4. heyyyy Callum…
    excellent revied of the Real Jerk, you writing style & superb description of the food brings this reader to the table with you, tasting & savouring every mouth watering bite as you do…based on ur posting of this SPOT…i will definately b hitting the Real Jerk very soon
    tanx braa…keep up the great job…

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