Lazy Daisy’s


The farm themed Lazy Daisy’s Cafe (more on that later) definitely stands out in our mixed, gritty neighbourhood.  One part of our area is a bit dodgy, the kind with the occasional public arrest (more on that in a later post!);  another part of our neighbourhood is Little India with a lot of stores empty and then a short walk south of us is The Beaches.  So needless to say a fancy family orientated cafe like this is the last thing you would expect.

The Lazy Daisy Cafe at the Coxwell & Gerrard end of Little India

Here is something I just thought of.  The grand and successful (I might add) opening of this cafe is not as strange as it might seem and actually quite logical.  Between the ethnic neighbourhood, the youngsters’ beach neighbourhood and the kind of grungy neighbourhood;  the rest of us needed a nice place to relax and get away from it all.

I felt this would be a good picture to give you an idea of the front part of the store.

The back of the cafe

The back holds a lot of goodies (to the right – off camera) for parents and their toddlers.  One thing that is clever, is a wooden Thomas the Train  table complete with dinosaurs and giant animals.  This may sound weird but so are trains with faces on them.

Some of the delicious treats from Lazy Daisy’s large and ever-changing variety of food.

Salted Caramel Brownie

My favorite regular Lazy Daisy goodie!!  As you might know, I do have a sweet tooth, and this is delicious satisfaction.

Nana's favorite - the Cheesecake Brownie

From what I hear from Nana, this brownie is most excellent and less sweet than the Salted Caramel brownie.  I have not tried this yet but am endeavoring to do so.

Chili with a cornmeal and goat cheese "Whoopie Pie"

For those that have a higher spice tolerance, like me and my mother, this chili actually does have a bit of zest to it.  And their “Whoopie Pie” is a stroke of genius and absolutely delicious.

This sandwich has a cute name but I can't remember what it is

Let’s just suffice it to say that this is a ham sandwich with real swiss cheese and honey mustard on fresh soft whole-grain bread.  The pickled green beans are tasty and tart.

I said I would elaborate more on the Farm Theme. A healthy new trend in the culinary world is called Locavore (getting your food from local sources ie small farms).  I am all about anything that is healthy, natural and environmentally friendly.  Especially when I think about the future.

Where would you rather get your food?


Or here?

Another thing we like about Lazy Daisy’s is that the  staff is always giving 110%.  One time I heard the owner talking about baking something at home to bring to the cafe for the next day.  The service here is friendly in the way that your neighbour would be friendly.  This is yet another reason to make repeat visits to Lazy Daisy’s Cafe.

Lazy Daisy’s Cafe 1515 Gerrard St E
Lazy Daisy's on Urbanspoon


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Hi, my name is Callum. Even though I am only 17 years old, I have been working on my palette and enjoy many foreign foods. I've been doing this blog for a a few years now, mostly for family-owned restaurants in Toronto. As I've gotten familiar with this whole blogging thing, I've started to add posts on other food related topics and not just do restaurant critiques. My interests include; space, astro-physics, Sci-Fi, dinosaurs and of course Food. I hope you enjoy my blog!

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  1. Wow Callum, you’re really making me want to visit Toronto one of these day, what with all the good eats! Love your photos, really enjoying how your blog is evolving. Keep up the great foodie posts!

  2. Hi Callum! First I want to say thanks so much for making Lazy Daisy’s Cafe the focus of your blog and giving us such a fantastic review with such cool pictures. Secondly, I really appreciate that you highlight the meaning of ‘locavore’ and show pictures which contrast sources for food – farm vs. factory. Those two photos really say a lot – the choice is clear!
    Thanks again Callum and look forward to seeing yourself & family again soon!
    ‘The Big Moo’
    ps keep up the fab blogging!

  3. Great review Callum! It is important for us to support local businesses in Toronto so when we walk down our streets we see a lot less empty store fronts. Especially local businesses that support local farms!
    My only question with this one is -> What is “Whoopie Pie”? I’m intrigued…

    • Whoopie Pie is usually a dessert – two soft cookies with whipped icing in between. Lazy Daisy put a twist on this by making it savoury (and delicious) with a fluffy cornmeal biscuit and creamed goat cheese. You gotta try it!!

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