C5 Restaurant


Just like my Big Daddy’s…. review, this is another restaurant we tried out via Winterlicious.  In the same building that has the C5 Restaurant there are also ancient artifacts and taxidermied  animals.  Can you guess it?  It’s the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum).  I have no idea why they named it C5,  they should have named it after something that compliments the museum.  The restaurant was probably not too happy when the ROM was (I think deservedly so) named the 8th ugliest building in the world.  We wanted to try out this restaurant because Corbin Tomaszeski is their executive chef.  He’s a Food Network star who’s been on Restaurant Makeover and is now on Dinner Party Wars and we wanted to see how one of these Celebrity Chefs actually cook.

Inside C5 looking back towards the bar area

Even though the outer crystal looks like an alien lifeform trying to eat the ROM, the inside is actually quite pretty.
As it is at the top of the ROM, C5 has spectactular views of downtown Toronto.

Their Winterlicious Menu

As you can see, a lot of the ingrediants are much fancier than what we usually eat.  A lot of this is the kind of stuff you would see on a FoodTV show.

Beef carpaccio

As it turns out I hated all of the ingredients in this.  I’ve  never tried black garlic before or completely  RAW beef.  I also don’t like herb-like ingredients as a central flavour profile.  And personally I think the cheese could have used a bit of a stronger taste as the garlic and greens overtook it.

Mom's appetizer - Cauliflower Soup

Since I hate cauliflower, when I had a sip of this soup it made me gag a little bit. But that’s the cauliflower, not the soup.  My mother said it was “nice” but it could have used some pepper.  I thought that was a good statement and probably would have agreed with her if I actually liked cauliflower soup.  However, there were  no salt and pepper shakers on the table.  Maybe the chefs are paranoid of people messing up their flavour profiles, but any decent critic knows you don’t season the food before you taste it.

Main course - Chicken Pot Pie

For me this was definitely the best part of the meal.  It had a flavourful gravy, delicious crust and large pieces of tender white chicken meat.  I think one of the problems when eating out is getting food that is so super heated you have to wait a long time before you can eat it.  This dish was pleasantly warm and stayed that way throughout the meal (my mom said it was because it was baked in a “tureen” , which sounds alarmingly like “latrine” to me).  The only downside of this dish was that the vegetables (not the side salad) were so bland that I didn’t even notice that they were there until my mom pointed them out.

My dessert - Panna Cotta

In a nutshell the Panna Cotta was nice but I wouldn’t order this from here again until I had tried some of their other desserts; because it was not better than average.

Mom's dessert - "Peaches & Cream"

Just so you know, “Peaches & Cream” translates to buttermilk shortcake with preserved peaches.  I think this dish should be named “Conning You Out of Your Money”.  There is no reason why anyone should pay for this dessert; it was dry and really small.  When I saw a waiter walking by with this I thought it was a free appetizer, like the bread that sometimes comes to a table (no kidding).  My grandmother makes an Upside Down Cake that is 100 times better than this.

Even though this is only our second post on higher end restaurants, it is clear that my Winterlicious experience has a continuing theme regarding “Rich People Food”.  Obviously we have a different palette than people who are used to all these luxury ingredients.  All of these are food network/Iron Chef ingredients ie eggs that are so rare they might as well be DoDo eggs, and the ever occurring Arugula that doesn’t miss a single episode of Chopped.  So far we think it was a waste of our money.

 C5 Restaurant 100 Queen’s Park

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Hi, my name is Callum. Even though I am only 17 years old, I have been working on my palette and enjoy many foreign foods. I've been doing this blog for a a few years now, mostly for family-owned restaurants in Toronto. As I've gotten familiar with this whole blogging thing, I've started to add posts on other food related topics and not just do restaurant critiques. My interests include; space, astro-physics, Sci-Fi, dinosaurs and of course Food. I hope you enjoy my blog!

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  1. Your pictures are great! I can see myself eating here for the views and dish presentations, but not the food. Too bad Winterlicious was so short because I would’ve liked you to try out more high-end restaurants for me :0)

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