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Easter Sunday and we decided we would go out for a family brunch at Frankly Eatery.  Because we were there a little early it was empty but people started showing up around 11:30.  I guess we don’t have the “brunch” hours down just yet.  Frankly’s is very much a family place;  even though it is small the decor is classy.  And old rock music playing in the background at just the right volume – not blaring.  When I looked at the menu I was surprised, pleasantly so, that a large amount of the brunch menu had Indian cuisine.  The location wasn’t near Little India , the decor wasn’t East Indian so I was expecting more of a French kind of brunch.

The service is very friendly but I do think it should be mentioned that because there is only one person doing the cooking and they serve elaborate meals (not basic by the book food) you should be prepared to wait a little longer than usual for your meal.

See? One guy to cook

What I ordered was the Aloo Parantha : a large Indian flatbread stuffed with shredded spiced potatoes served with a homemade cilantro sour cream and side salad.

My breakfast

The best way to describe this is as a cross between a quesadilla and a roti.  The potatoes weren’t spicy, as in hot but they were certainly flavourful.  The flatbread itself was also really good, because it is probably homemade (it didn’t look or taste store bought).  My mom loved the salad dressing but I didn’t care for it that much.  However I prefer a more acidic dressing and this was on the sweet side so its more a matter of customer preference than anything else.

My "Spicy homemade sausage served with mango-cilantro chutney"

Just to start off I should let you know that I had already eaten one of the sausages before my mom remembered to take a picture.

Obviously casing-free, these sausages were absolutely delicious.  Filled with tasty Indian spices, they are a lot like lamb kabobs (since I don’t eat baby animals I wouldn’t know – but my mom said they did).  These are spicy as in hot, so if you don’t have a high spice tolerance, these sausages aren’t for you.  After my mom had a bite of one of mine she ordered another plate for herself because obviously she wasn’t going to be eating anymore of mine.  The chutney was delectable and added alot to the overall flavour of the sausages.

Mom's breakfast

My Mom’s order – “Indian Savory Crepe” – Chickpea flour crepe filled with cilantro scrambled eggs, peas, delicately spiced potatoes and spicy aioli served with salad. The eggs were moist and fluffy, not dry and rubbery, and the aioli had packed a nice punch (just enough).

Nana's breakfast

The “Breakfast Wrap” was Nana’s order – Eggs, bacon, cheddar cheese and their avocado-mango salsa wrapped inside a multigrain tortilla.  Nana found this to be quite rich (in a good way) with the salsa cutting the richness of the eggs, bacon and cheese.  She says ” The salsa was just the right compliment as without it this would have been too rich”.  She also really appreciated that the tortilla was obviously warmed up as well and not served at room temperature.

Frankly Eatery  is definately a go-to place for Brunch.  Absolutely, they will see us as customers again.

Frankly Eatery 1118 Queen St E
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