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We went to this place for my mom’s birthday celebration, who was perfectly content to go to a restaurant for brunch that we’d blog about later.  When we got there it was completely full and with a long wait but fortunately there’s a little secret.  That is: two different locations joined to the same kitchen, around the corner from each other.

1645 Queen St W

This is the place we originally planned to go to.

1598 King St

And this is the place we ended up going to.

Should we mention that this side was busy too but didn’t have a 30 min+ wait but closer to 10-15 minutes, tops.  The decor was very nice with a 70’s feel complete with a shelf of scale model cars and movie posters for action flicks.  The only problem was the seating was very cramped; reminding me of when you go to a place like Second Cup or Starbucks, where you’re desperately searching for seating.  And when you do find a spot you’re awfully close to your neighbours.  That being said we arrived there at a bad time and got swamped  in the brunch rush.

inside the King St location

Much like when we went to Frankly Eatery and found an Indian influence, at Easy Restaurant we found a Mexican influence.  Maybe it is because Toronto is so multicultural its spawned its own Fusion Culture.

Pink Smoothie (the Classic -strawberries, banana & OJ) Brown Smoothie (the Peanut Power – peanut butter, dutch cocoa, espresso, cinnamon and soy milk)

I made my mother take a comparative size photo so you could see the behemoth volume of these dinosaur sized smoothies.  The only thing missing is the tiny man, waving.  I think that these smoothies are more meant to be drank by themselves; both because they are ridiculously large and (especially the Peanut Butter one) are really rich and filling.  The peanut power’s consistency was much more comfortable to drink than Dangerous Dan’s Elvis Shake but unlike the Elvis shake the predominant flavour in Easy Restaurant’s smoothie was peanut butter.  I really couldn’t taste any chocolate at all. The same could said for mom’s Classic Smoothie saying the OJ was the predominant flavour, lacking any strawberry and not enough banana.  Which seems a little too “easy”.  Pun intended.

the Breakfast Quesadilla

The ingredient list is long so I’ll put it here: whole-wheat tortilla with grilled chorizo with carmelized onions, eggs, Monterey jack and spicy red salsa.  Comes with sour cream and salad or home fries.  As you can see here, the filling was very generous and not all cheap or easy.  The chorizo was very tasty and again surprisingly in abundance.  But unlike the smoothies, the flavour profile was well-balanced between the meat and other ingredients and not blown out of all proportion.

the Breakfast Burrito

My mom’s breakfast:   re-fried black beans, scrambled eggs, chipotle salsa, Monterey jack, coriander and caramelized onions, baked in a whole-wheat tortilla with side guacamole – with salad or home fries.  My mom says there was nothing re-fried about the black beans, in fact they were barely cooked.  I think the fact that you could cut the beans with a knife is proof of that.  The eggs were all right but lacked proper seasoning.  Because the burrito was devoid of proper amounts of flavour enhancers like the salsa, it left a void which could only be filled in with the black beans.

the French Toast Croissant

Nana’s breakfast:  Grill-Pressed buttery battered croissant, served with fruit coulis, berries, real maple syrup and real whipped cream.  On the upside,  the berry compote is pleasant, the overall dish is not too sweet and the syrup is real maple syrup.  But Nana doesn’t like Maple syrup, she finds it cloy. On the downside, the croissant while good in concept is bland and suspiciously dependent on the compote, syrup and cream.  The rest of the sentiments you’ll find the same as with the Breakfast Burrito.

Now for a summary of my overall opinion of Easy Restaurant.  The decor is very well though out and if I was to go again, I would choose the King St side as it has a lovely view of Lake Ontario.  The service was prompt and attentive as well as friendly.  The only kicker here is that the food ranges from tasty to tasteless.  Of the foods we tried, I would suggest the Quesadilla for brunch and the Peanut Power Smoothie for a snack.  Is Easy Restaurant recommenable? If you’re in the neighbourhood, looking for a bite to eat – definately yes.  If you’re looking for a destination restaurant anywhere in the city – definately no.

Easy Restaurant 1645 Queen St W

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About callumeatstoronto

Hi, my name is Callum. Even though I am only 17 years old, I have been working on my palette and enjoy many foreign foods. I've been doing this blog for a a few years now, mostly for family-owned restaurants in Toronto. As I've gotten familiar with this whole blogging thing, I've started to add posts on other food related topics and not just do restaurant critiques. My interests include; space, astro-physics, Sci-Fi, dinosaurs and of course Food. I hope you enjoy my blog!

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  1. Love Mexican food, but also love ambiance. Callum, your writing style is eloquent and elegant! Bravo. Please try an *authentic* Latin restaurant, and write it up…that way I can find what I treasure; Latin food and ambiance together! (P.S. ask your mom to ‘cess out the wine list while you are at it!).
    Your friend, Jacqueline

    • Thank you very much for your nice comments. I would definetely like to try out a Latin restaurant if I can find one. I’m sure there must be at least one in Toronto. P.S. My mom likes rum better than wine

  2. Pingback: Burger Stomper Gourmet Burger & Milkshake Bar « callumeatstoronto

  3. So my friend and I met for brunch and wanted to pick a place in the west end closer to where she is. We ended up at Easy Restaurant because of your suggestion and it was great! Thanks for the advice! Fun atmosphere and the food was good. I was planning on trying the Peanut Butter Smoothie, but just didn’t have the appetite for it. Next time!

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