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Peter Pan Bistro


After we had gone to 5th Elementt  we decided that Summerlicious is worth a go and that the restaurants will put in a decent effort.  So our hopes were elevated as we walked into Peter Pan Bistro.  

Despite looking like a pretty average size restaurant, it’s a bit bigger once you get inside.

I don’t exactly get why the name of this restaurant is associated with the flying boy with happy thoughts, because the food certainly didn’t make us happy enough to fly.  I am in no way trying to imply that the food was horrible, but it definitely wasn’t great.

I decided on the sesame chicken wonton, soft taco and chocolate brownie from their prix-fixe menu. My mom’s choices were the gazpacho, pasta and tiramisu.

As is clearly visible for all to see, this is not in any way a wonton. There was no chicken in it, nor any chili sauce. Instead there was Portobello mushrooms with a cream sauce, because as we realized while writing this blog…. they brought me the wrong appetizer. Even though I consider this to be a down point in service, it was actually pretty tasty.

In my mom’s opinion, this was the best part of her meal. It was pretty good, this soup was creamy with an earthy freshness.  We would order it again, if we were to return to this restaurant, but unfortunately we won’t.

The outside and inside of my soft taco

This soft taco was average at best, mediocre at worst.  A good way to start this critique is with the chicken.  White meat only, in big tender pieces but they were few and far between.  As for the sauces I preferred the barbecue sauce (which tasted jarred) over the guacamole, which was just a bunch of bland.  This is the only thing I feel fortunate to have been given in small amounts, as more of it on this taco would have tainted it.

The pasta in a nutshell; surprisingly nice and hot (instead of the usual lukewarm stuff other restaurants pull on us), a little too small portion wise and tasted so average it was disappointing as a restaurant critic but would be satisfying as a home dinner.

I have a special affinity for chocolate so when comes to brownies and other such treats I become a lot more critical.  Having tried tons of these types of desserts (probably two or three times a week) I have a good basis for comparison.  Deserts have been more moist than this, since this was so dry I actually had trouble cutting into it with my fork.

Closer to the other end of the spectrum, the tiramisu was light, fluffy and with a yummy coffee undertone.

Food aside, you are seated in a lovely atmosphere and with service lively enough that your food comes to you when hot and ready, instead of letting it sit somewhere getting colder.  Details are miniscule however when it comes to the big question – is Peter Pan Bistro recommendable?  Before I answer with a hands down yes, I figure price is a factor as important as anything else.  Including drinks, tax and tips are whole meal rounded out to 70 big ones, and that’s with the prix- fixe Summerlicious menu.  Normally this meal would probably be $80 + easily.  Throw in the disappointment we experienced with some of the elements of our meal and the hands down “yes” quickly morphs into a hands down “no”.

Peter Pan Bistro 373 Queen Street W
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5th Elementt


The Fifth Element is a 1997 movie starring Bruce Willis. It also has nothing to do with this blog post, so if you want to learn more about the movie you should go back to the search engine.

Interior shot of 5th Elementt. Sorry no outside shot, what can I say…my mom forgot

In case you were wondering, the two “t”‘s is not a typing error, that’s actually how the restaurant name is spelled. We came to this Indian Fusion restaurant via Summerlicious 2012. There has been some discussion among foodies that the “Licious” programs are not a fair representation of the restaurants. These rumours were started by some of the fancier food critics who had tasted from these restaurants off their regular menu and found the food to be much better. After hearing this I was reluctant to use “Licious” at all for my blog posts. And this is why we were so surprised by the outcome of our trip to 5th Elementt.

The above picture is of the appetizer portion of the prix fixe menu.

This is the entrée part of their Summerlicious menu.

And their dessert selection.

For the appetizers I had the Crab, my mom tried the Chicken Pakora and Nana ordered the Mango Salad.

There is one word I can use to describe this dish: exquisite. The crab was surprisingly fresh given the restaurants location (nowhere near a coast or fish market) and was really tender. The curry sauce was an excellent pairing without overpowering the delicate flavour of the crab.

Generous pieces of chicken, fluffy batter and sweet mango dipping sauce made for a pleasant appetizer.

As demonstrated by the appetizers, 5th Elementt’s plating is beautifully done. Nana found this salad light and refreshing as well as generous with the mango and clementine segments.

This was so good I actually scraped off all the sauce that was left at the bottom of the plate. Flavourful beef with just the right amount of chewiness was complimented by the savoury/spicy sauce.

My mom ordered the salmon as that is her favorite fish and she wasn’t disappointed by this dish. In fact, it was so good that she continued to eat it until it was finished, even though she was full and making herself uncomfortable. Perfectly cooked salmon (firm, not mushy) was paired with a delicate but flavourful curry sauce. The rice in all the dishes was fluffy and perfect for absorbing all those gorgeous sauces.

Nana was very happy she went with this choice instead of the Butter Chicken, which let’s face it you can get anywhere. In fact, she liked the Paneer so much, she wouldn’t even let us have a teeny-tiny taste.

This is Mom and my first time trying a souffle. It actually tasted a lot like a molten cake but none the less was extremely tasty. With a rich chocolate taste, they were not too sweet and had a wonderful soft (not molten) center. It also went really well with the ice cream.

Nana is a cheesecake snob and was originally reluctant to try this. For one thing she never orders “flavoured” cheesecakes, or one’s that are topped with fruits. So she was pleasantly surprised by this one. She found it light, refreshing but still “cheesy” enough and enjoyed the two sauces that decorated the plate.

But the food is not the only highpoint of 5th Elementt. The service was very gentlemanly and attentive, and it all took place amongst slick European decor with Indian music in the background.

I’m pretty sure this clears up those rumours about Summerlicious and we will definitely be visiting this restaurant again and again.

5th Elementt 506 Queen St W
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