New Town Family Restaurant


I haven’t been enjoying  many of the places we’ve been going to, so to prove I actually do like restaurants I decided to pick a place my family and I go to a lot.

The New Town Family Restaurant

This place is literally a block down our street and is our go-to spot for local diner fare.  That isn’t just us though, as New Town Family Restaurant always has other customers when we are there.  And you’ll probably find most of them in the favoured booth seats.

The booths are everybody’s favourite seat

All this food for less than seven dollars

As I mentioned in my earlier post about Paulette’s Original Donuts and Chicken  New Town has excellent fried chicken.  The pieces themselves are impressive because not only are they tender, but they are from chickens so large it makes one wonder if the bird was actually a turkey.  And as for the breading, it is crispy without being burnt or crunchy and adds a generous but pleasant amount of salt to the dish.  
Another of the great menu items to pick from is the hot hamburger, which is a generous two patties on bread covered in gravy and served with vegetables and french fries [I choose home fries because semi-mashed and flat-top cooked is healthier than deep fried].  I first found this hamburger style at this restaurant and it is one of my favourites to pick from at any diner.

Chicken Souvlaki dinner (also available on a pita)

The people who own New Town are Greek which is why this delicious Souvlaki is on the menu even though it’s not typical diner fare.  As for the home fries; and this may be why they’re so good; have a Greek flare to them.

As if the food weren’t good enough, the service here is incredibly friendly.  I mean these people are glad to see you, they know you by name, ask of your family, and make you feel welcomed and at home.  As I’ve mentioned with the fried chicken, the portions are ridiculously large and cheap.

Here are some other dishes that I didn’t previously bring up but would like to mention now.

This is my favorite breakfast choice on their menu.  I challenge you to try dipping your sausage in syrup next time.  It might sound weird but its surprisingly good.

Strangely every lunch and dinner meal comes with a free salad. It’s kinda like they’re trying to keep you healthy even though you’re eating a burger with two strips of bacon and melted cheese.

New Town Family Restaurant is all in all, a great place that deserves repeat visits.

New Town Family Restaurant 266 Coxwell Avenue
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Hi, my name is Callum. Even though I am only 17 years old, I have been working on my palette and enjoy many foreign foods. I've been doing this blog for a a few years now, mostly for family-owned restaurants in Toronto. As I've gotten familiar with this whole blogging thing, I've started to add posts on other food related topics and not just do restaurant critiques. My interests include; space, astro-physics, Sci-Fi, dinosaurs and of course Food. I hope you enjoy my blog!

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  1. The food coupled with the hospitality make this restaurant one of those “special places” in the neighborhood. I especially like the Greek salad with every meal. Keep up the good work in finding the special “hole-in-the-wall” family restaurants that serve the best food married with excellent service.

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