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Amaya Express Eaton Centre

What’s Indian and very popular globally? No, it’s not a Bollywood film, it’s food! Another one of the cleaner, greener, healthier and more exotic members of the Eaton Centre’s food court, Amaya Express  is an Indian chain that I have been to before, and enjoyed each time. If it weren’t in The Eaton Centre, I would say that this place belongs in little India, because… in a blantant Jeff Dunham reference, it’s good, it’s good, it’s goooooooood!

This place features classic dishes like Butter Chicken, and more exotic ones like Beef Vindaloo, which the man behind the counter described, somewhat ominously to me since I was going to try it, their spiciest dish.

the menu at Amaya Express

the menu at Amaya Express

Which is why I paired it with my favourite Indian drink, the cooling spice killing mango lassi, which I think works better than soda-pop with a spicy meal because the carbon hurts the tongue when it’s already weakened with hot food.

Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken

I’ve aready had the Butter Chicken, so I can say that, first off, the sauce is delicious, and the chicken plentiful and tender. The sauce was done perfectly, I’ve had other butter chicken before, as anyone who’s read another of my posts would know, so I can compare. It pasts the test.

The Beef Vindaloo, duh duh duh! Since I eat lots of spicy foods, I was walking into this maybe a little too cocky than one should be when playing with fire [maybe I’m the Boy who Played with Fire, random book reference], but I can say for other food masochists out there, it actually had a kick.

my random book reference

my random book reference

Anyone who thinks it’ll be a wimpy KFC [colonel Sanders still rolls in his grave] type of junk will be unpleasantly surprised.

Every giant bowl [you’d think this was family size, I’m not joking when I say a person just might be able to stick their head in it] comes with chana, an Indian [like you thought this was Somalian] chickpea dish.

Beef Vindaloo

Beef Vindaloo

It went well as a side, offering more variety than just meat in sauce on rice, not that it would be bad that way. For anyone who’s worried about the two sauces mixing, they stayed apart like oil and water, the one person who is the ultimate critic that stirs them around waiting until the two sauces churn into one, notwithstanding. There are two complaints I have overall. One, some of the beef, while all of Amaya’s meat is entirely boneless, had huge pieces of disgusting blobby [I don’t care if that’s a word or not it fits] fat, but fortunately it was separate enough from the actual meat I could just rip it off.

editor's note: Sorry the picture is kinda out of focus.  Ooops

editor’s note: Sorry the picture is kinda out of focus. Ooops

Secondly, the lassis are in plastic glasses, why? It’s a green food court! Why aren’t they in glass glasses [say that three times fast] instead of plastic ones? Maybe it’s because they’re not fountain beverages, but, unless the plastic is recycled, if it is I’ll just shut up, it’s a pretty poor excuse.

Selection at Amaya Express

Selection at Amaya Express

There isn’t too much to say about decor, considering it’s basically a counter with huge pots on it, except I’m happy that this chain’s logo uses a real Indian elephant instead on an African Bush elephant. Service was friendly too, although there’s not quite as much to judge since you only see them when ordering the entire meal.

Amaya is recommendable, and while it’s not usually my first choice out of the competition at the food court [which is a big thing for me, I literally busted a burger joint because a better one was across the street], it is good enough for me to go there in spite of the other options right next counter, which is quite a life-or-death thing in any business. It gets 3.8 out of five and a 7.8 out of ten. I don’t usually add ratings to my reviews, maybe I felt a little formal. I still won’t wear a tie though. Ay mighta see you next time [seehow ay mighta sounds
compared to Amaya]!

Amaya Express 220 Yonge Street
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  1. Love the video clip :0) There’s a Amaya Express on King East and Sherbourne. If I walk past it on my way home, my mouth waters as it always smells so good…

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