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Thai Fusion

Thai Fusion exterior
Thai Fusion   was quite crowded the first time I tried it, something always avoidable if you go at one o’clock on a Thursday [since I’m home-schooled, my education happens throughout the day instead of from 9:00 through 3:30].
Pad Thai,  my "go-to" at any Thai restaurant

Pad Thai, my “go-to” at any Thai restaurant

 As if noodles haven’t been changed enough from Italy and China, it now takes on the form of flat noodles covered in an orange sweet/savory sauce.  It’s one of my favourite Thai dishes, and it’s certainly done well here.
Thai Fusion interior
Speaking of  Thai Fusion, the decor, although slightly tacky, at least doesn’t have pictures of things like The Great Wall of China, [Chinese, not Thai] Tuk-Tuks, [Indian, not Thai], robots, [Japanese, not Thai] or anything else Asian that is actually not Thai just because white people [I can’t be racist towards whites because I’m more European than Conner McCloud] can’t tell the difference between North America and Indonesia, and I can attest to that because Christopher Columbus thought the The New World was Oceana, despite the presence of bears, evergreens, tepees, snow and deer.
Christopher Columbus discovering America NOT Oceana

Christopher Columbus discovering America NOT Oceana

Also, food is usually more important in a restaurant than the building its in, as long as there aren’t any pests [here’s looking at you Rob Ford].
Anyway, another great Thai dish is Green Curry, named exactly because it is white.
Green Curry  with steamed rice

Green Curry with steamed rice

 There actually is green curry in it, the white colour is from the coconut milk.  It is delicious and aromatic, not really spicy for my family because the heat had to be dumbed down for Canadians [I mean the spice, not the Robert De Niro flick] who think Tim Hortons’ Chili is hot.  It is still delicious, and works quite well without intense chili.
My obscure cultural reference for this post Robert DeNiro in "The Heat"

My obscure cultural reference for this post
Robert DeNiro in “The Heat”

One of Thai Fusion’s best dishes is their hot and sour soup, so named because it is hot, sour, sweet, and savoury, I guess they had to shorten the name.  It is fantastic, the flavours are unique, the ingredients wonderful, and it makes a great appetizer, because it actually appetizers.  And it actually does have heat.
According to my mom; the best Hot & Sour soup in Toronto

According to my mom; the best Hot & Sour soup in Toronto

Thai Fusion is definitely a recommendable  Thai restaurant, although not the only one. Still better than bad Asian jokes like Manchu Wok.
Thai Fusion 939 Coxwell Avenue

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The Burgernator


The Burgernator exterior

As you may or may not know, Big Chubby’s was one of my favorite burger restaurants.  In fact, I even helped along the new place when they took my advice on fixing the decor that was turning off some pedestrians, so I really liked the place that was there before The Burgernator  showed up. Which meant I was like old Arnie was in the 80s: no mercy.

The theme, which revolved around eliminating enemies and conquering the city, as well as weapons and war, might just make Michael Moore take back what he said about Canadians being peaceful [if G20 didn’t already, or with what the oil sands are doing to the environment, look, it’s CallumpolitcizesToronto!], but I noticed something more subtle as well.

Mayor Rob Ford's motto

Mayor Rob Ford’s motto

The Burgernator is reminiscent of The Burger Priest: flat top cooking, some crazy-a$$ [as if dollar signs actually censor it] challenge burger with a triple patty and grilled cheese sandwich buns, and that sleek modern decor. It also had the other feeling, oh, what was it called? Oh yeah, OVER-HYPE.

theme decor - the darkness had my mother dragging the food to the window for pics

theme decor – the darkness had my mother dragging the food to the window for pics

I would’ve gotten the Jamaican to compare with Big Chubby’s if it weren’t for the fact that I had a horrible memory of the time my grandmother thought Jamaican hot sauce was used as a spread for wraps [it wasn’t too spicy, it just tasted terrible], so I got the Challenge.

I think the lady off camera was right when she said it was the size of my head. First off, a bit better than The Burger Priest’s because the burgers weren’t small sliders, and actually had a good width, that includes the Challenge and the regular sized stuff, but to actually divide the meat into patties is an insult to measuring, CLUMPS OF MEAT SHOVED INTO GREASY AT-LEAST-IT’S-NOT-WONDER-BREAD-BUNS:  ISN’T A PATTY, UNLESS IT’S BEEN DIVIDED INTO SMALLER PIECES FOR PEOPLE WHO CAN’T CHEW RIGHT!!!!!!!!


"The Burgernator (Take The Challenge)" Triple patty between two grilled cheese sandwiches

“The Burgernator (Take The Challenge)” Triple patty between two grilled cheese sandwiches

As if that wasn’t enough, my toppings were drowning in the equivalent of three patties of meat that was bland, the only flavour was beef, there was no grilled taste, no spices in the mix, and it wasn’t halal, so it was just an average dead roasted cow. Moo. I tend to not like average fare in the burger world because, if you do actually travel more than a few blocks from your current location to get it, then average doesn’t compete with the big fellas like Big Smoke’s or Burger Stomper, gaaagh I can’t even put Big Chubby’s in that list anymore! So that means it wasn’t worth the public transportation fare that was sacrificed to get here, let alone the fact I almost got hit by who’s probably next year’s Canada’s Worst Driver if I hadn’t jumped back in time.

Mom's "Atomic Burger" with deep-fried herb crusted cheese

Mom’s “Atomic Burger” with deep-fried herb crusted cheese

The one good thing I can say is that their fries are actually homemade and paired with a tasty Aioli, but you can find that at The Works [maybe they’ll be the new guys on that list].

The Burgernator basically wants to terminate all the alleged scum in Toronto’s burger world, which is as phony as George Bush’s election, as the cake from Portal, as Megan Fox’s face! If they do monopolize burgers, it’ll look a lot like the wasted world from the terminator with all its one-and-the-same-robots–boring.

The Terminator

The Burgernator is terrible, and if they do come from the future, then their technology should be stored in some secret government base, far, far away from anyone who can use it to conquer the world [maybe using fry-net] with lame-o burgers.  I hope they won’t be back.

I think you understand how I feel about this place. That’s all I have to say.

The Burgernator 269 Augusta Avenue
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