The Friendly Greek


The Friendly Greek exterior

The Friendly Greek; no relation to Jimmy the Greek, Mr. Greek, anyone named Alexander,the Isle of Crete, or Gerrard Butler,  is a family-owned restaurant, not one in a mall or cafeteria of any kind.

Needless to say, there was some confusion at the table about whether or not this place was a chain. It is in my old neighborhood, and in the area of where I currently go learn Tae Kwon Do at, as well as where some other stores I like to visit [yes, it is my old neighborhood, I live in Little India right now].

The Friendly Greek interior

The Friendly Greek is quite large, with plenty of room for customers, traditional Greek cuisine [including a fancy cheese which is covered with Brandy and set aflame] cooked using wood stoves and the like. The service is very polite and well choreographed, the waiter even changed my mom’s wine when she accidentally ordered a red wine [those give her migraines]. Friendly’s decor is quite good too, with cobblestone, Greek music, and sports on T.V. [but no one pays attention to it; this isn’t a sports bar].

My Mom and I don't eat steak so I have no idea what cut this is.... but was told it was very good

My Mom and I don’t eat steak so I have no idea what cut this is…. but was told it was very good

Aside from all this, the real reason we came was for the food, especially Moussaka. But even non-Greek food is incredible here. A third guest came with us, who’s a fan of The Keg [steak and beer] and allergic to milk, who ordered the steak. He said it was better than The Keg’s and cared enough to tell the waiter that. I also thought the food was good enough to give my compliments to the chef as well.

The meat is roasted chicken chopped up instead of cooked ground chicken.  Much better this way

The meat is roasted chicken chopped up instead of cooked ground chicken. Much better this way

The Moussaka, kind of like Greek Shepard’s Pie, with potatoes, eggplant, chicken, zucchini, and sauce is just plain delicious. The potatoes are creamy and flavourful, the veggies are fried in a wonderful way, and the chicken is cooked in such a way that it alone is a real treat to eat [rhyme time!].

Since I literally don’t feel full, I had the trufflicious cake, and I have to say, it was definately worthy of the name. I love chocolate cakes, and that one was just as high quality as everything else at the very Friendly Greek’s.

Absolutely delicious

Absolutely delicious

All in all, The Friendly Greek’s is a wonderful Greek, not Mediterranean, Greek, place to eat. I whole-heartedly, with a flaming brick of cheese on top, recommend this place.

Editor’s Note:  The last time we ate here was in 2011.  What a difference two years makes

Two years and 12 inches later

Two years and 12 inches later

The Friendly Greek 551 Danforth Avenue
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