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Status Update



First off, I would like to apologize for not having posted on either blog in a while. It’s not that I’ve given up on them, my mom and I have both been busy and are having some difficulty in keeping up our posts. My mom is responsible for pretty much all of the non-writing technical stuff that I don’t have the skill or time to do, and lately she’s been having trouble both with the computer and finding free time in her schedule. I have been active as of late too, which also hindered my ability to write up frequent blogs. If only it were easier, not to say that thought has ever helped anyone out. Hopefully we’ll get back on track soon, I might even learn how to operate the dreaded computer myself. </span>

Since my blogging speed has been severely delayed by all the events I’ve been going through in my life, it’s only fair to talk about what exactly is happening. As one or two of my previous posts have mentioned, I am on the track to going to the Special Olympic Provincial swim meet. As it is taking place this month, most of this post and the next are going to center around that. Before talking about that, I’ll bring you up to speed on other stuff as well.

There are some posts in the woodworks that are close to completion but need some final edits, and we will be reviewing more restaurants during the summer when we get more free time. My mom got a new laptop, which will help her edit the posts in accordance with our old rickety PC that has been acting good as of late. I am taking online high school equivalency courses  so I can qualify for Ryerson University’s English course, which is in turn a crucial step for me getting a career in writing. The Ontario government passed a law that heavily supplements the secondary education of students whose families have an income below a certain rate, which includes my family under its terms. This has greatly eased my fear that I’ll be wasting my parent’s money by going to university.

red belt test

In terms of sport stuff, it’s pretty much just general progress. I’m signed up for a soccer team which has some of my Special Olympic friends on it, and the basketball team I’m on has been improving quite well since even a couple months ago. I recently got my red belt in Tae Kwon Do (the one after blue and before black), and continue to go a mandatory two times a week, although I sometimes get the feeling my master wants me to do competitions as well. All this stuff may or may not have posts about it in the future, but I’ll wrap up with my swimming news.

special olympic coaching

Getting coached at the Pan Am Centre

The Sunday classes have ended, mostly because the Olympic meet they were training us for is almost here. I’ve gotten a new coach of sorts; the provincial athletes are sorted into special teams in preparation for the provincial meet, each of which is lead by a manager coach. The big weekend is a four-day event from Thursday through to Sunday, bookmarked by opening and closing ceremonies, and is being held at the university of Guelph, Ontario (about an hour west of where I live by car). They have travel and lodging for athletes–which we will be getting more information on next week–although parents will have to get there through their own means. My mother is able to go and has booked a hotel room.

swim meet

Apologies again for going off schedule, I hope we can maintain both blogs more frequently once things get under control. I will be too busy to do blow-by-blow updates of the big meet while it takes place, so I’ll write a post once the The Games are over and I’m back home.  I can’t thank you enough for all your patience, here’s hoping to see you again soon.