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I wanted to say that we haven’t posted for a while, so Wish is actually the last restaurant we went to when Summerlicioius was on.

We were seated outside by the staff and even though we usually don’t eat on patios, in this case I was happy as it was too crowded on the inside.

A montage of the inner decor and a glimpse of the tight seating

Is it me, or is it weird that they a deer head in this restaurant?

Their Prix-fixe menu for Summerlicious.

Our appetizers

First of I’ll start with the best thing; my shrimp.  Even though you could go without it, the sauce was quite lovely and the shrimp tasted very fresh.  However it was luke warm.  I’m pretty sure “sautéed” is different from room temperature.  Mom’s soup was probably the worst of the bunch as it was bland and with very little apple taste.  It was described as an Apple/Corn gazepacho and tasted mostly of corn and potato.  As for Nana’s salad, she said it could have used more salt but the goat cheese was excellent.

Sliders from left to right: Angus, Turkey, Salmon

Again, starting with the best, I introduce my three sliders.  I think by far the weirdest of the bunch was the turkey slider.  That’s because it tasted like they stole the meat filling recipe from a dumpling house and used it for burgers.  I’m not saying it tasted bad, it was actually the best of the three.  Which does not look to good for the other two sliders.  The laziest one by far was the Angus burger.  I’m pretty sure the mentality behind the making of this – if we use a more expensive meat, we won’t have to come up with a recipe that is above mediocre.  I thought there was too much dill in the salmon slider and while I will admit I m not a huge dill fan; it would have been nice to have another condiment or spice as well.  Even thought the dill critique is unfairly biased, the fact remains that this burger was also very dry.

Nana’s Fish & Chips

The fish and chips were definitely a pro and a con.  The pro being that they were not cheap with the portion of fish and it was pleasant tasting.  The con being that the batter was so greasily horrible that I actually threw my sample back to Nana’s plate. And consumed large amounts of Coca-cola to get the taste out of my mouth.

Mom’s pasta

In her own words..my Mom’s pasta was “atrocious and poorly executed”.  The rapini was so badly cooked as to infuse the entire dish with an overwhelming bitterness. It was inedible.  So basically, avoid this like you would a broken vial of smallpox.

I think I picked the best dishes from the prix-fixe menu, out of the three of us, so we’ll start with my dessert first.

My dessert – Molten Chocolate Cake

Even though it is decidedly easy to make a molten brownie, they still did a good job.  It was reasonably moist, and tasted mostly of chocolate as opposed to sugar.

Nana’s apple tart

Much like the Molten Cake, Wish picked another dessert recipe that is hard to mess up but unlike the cake this tart does have some flaws.  Nana said that she thought that it was too sweet and that the apples were mushy.  She prefers her apples in pieces, not like applesauce.

Mom’s Key Lime Tart

In short, the Key Lime Tart was awful. Too much dry chocolate crust and not nearly enough Key Lime. Seemed like a good idea but was bad, much like this restaurant. Also reflecting the fare at Wish; all three desserts were clearly pre-made frozen products.

Maybe the service is frozen too, because it didn’t take a long time to eat our food but we spent an hour and half here.  The waiter was not rude but he seemed bored and a bit snooty.  It could be that it took a long time to prepare our dishes, but considering it came to the table barely warm one can assume that it sat around for a while before being brought to our table.  The last atrocity which deserves a special place in my post are the fries.  As shown in the previous pictures, they were so cheap with the portions it would probably make most customers wonder why they even bothered to serve fries at all.  They appeared scraped from the bottom of a better batch as they were stuck together in greasy cold lumps.  For my closing, which will undoubtably show the quality of Wish,  I will end with one more picture.

They should use the Wish in their name to dream up a better restaurant.

Wish 3 Charles Street E
Wish on Urbanspoon


Gerrard Spaghetti & Pizza


Despite how the name sounds, this is actually a pretty good Italian restaurant.  I would think that a name in Italian would be more becoming.  We have been in this area tons of times, but have never noticed this place.  We only found it by searching on Urbanspoon for pizzeria’s.
Perhaps, the reason we have not noticed Gerrard Spaghetti & Pizza before is because its a dark grey colour, so the outside doesn’t really catch your eye.

Gerrard Spaghetti & Pizza decor was different from a lot of the other restaurants we’ve been to.  For one; the tv at the bar at the back was playing some sort of soap opera (my mom has informed me it was the Young and the Restless).  Secondly; the napkins they gave us were cloth instead of paper.  Clearly we are easily impressed.

A restaurant that tells you - the wait is worth it

One thing that was really good about this place was the service.  It was genuinely kind, quick and respectful.

the Friulana pizza

Although I wanted something with more toppings than tomato, cheese, Italian sausage and basil; my mom made me get this so that I could actually judge the taste of the pizza and not be overwhelmed with a baker’s dozen of ingredients.  One thing that was cool about the Italian sausage – it was in thick slices (as if it was pepperoni but thicker) instead of being crumbled on top.  Both the sauce and the sausage were spicy so the pizza had a little zest to it.

Penne alla Vodka

The sauce you see here is a Rose Vodka sauce with pancetta added.  I actually thought this dish was quite nice but my mother prefers her Rose sauce a little more tomato-y.  Not to say that there was anything wrong with theirs, just a matter of different styles.

Lastly, we enjoyed how the portions were generous.  Both in quantity of food and quantity of sauce.  We hate it when restaurants give you a drop of sauce over pasta with the moisture content of dehydrated astronaut food.  And once again I have tied in a Sci-Fi theme into my food blog.

Gerrard Spaghetti & Pizza 1528 Danforth Avenue

Gerrard Spaghetti & Pizza on Urbanspoon