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The 100th Post


Well, the title kind of says it all, doesn’t it? After 4 years, something like this was actually kind of inevitable, in spite of the six-month hiatus. At the least, we had better odds of a one hundredth post than the Leafs do at winning a game. Jeez, even if 99 posts isn’timpressive, the stats certainly are. It kind of goes without saying that a lot has changed, both personally and globally, but this blog has been through some of Toronto’s dark days. So why did I start it, or continue to make new posts?

Gta toronto

That’s what 2012 felt like anyways.

I’m an aspiring writer, and blogging was my family’s idea to get me started on practice. I like food enough to write at length about it—sometimes too long—and as the process got easier, it became more fun. As time went on, my writing, hopefully, got better. It has evolved somewhat since I first started. One major change is that my asides are shorter—like this—instead of long bracketed monsters (much more like this(and sometimes like this)). That’s largely because of family who helped me with the blog, I couldn’t have written it without them. I’ve done two things: first was to visit Dangerous Dan’s, my second post, to re-review it, and to list some basic stats about Callumeatstoronto. Stat #1, that was the first time I’ve ever written my blogs name in a post—that was easy.

Funny demotivational poster

Redundant caption on captioned picture

Here’s the hard numbers, which are thankfully not as boring/life ruining as stock prices. Of the 99 posts, 71 are restaurant reviews, the rest are cuisine/other posts. Some will surely be missed, such as the fantastic Dukem, and others were sadly not that much of a loss, like Pauline’s Chicken and Donuts. In all, 11 have gone the way of Stephen Harper’s approval rating. My most popular posts are: 1, Fast Food, 2, Japanese Cuisine and 3, Fancy Frank’s. Apparently I should do more cuisine posts. The number of yearly hits was 4,000 in 2011, rising up to 19,000 in 2014, going up in tangent with the U.S. debt.

US debt graph


So, how did Dangerous Dan’s do? I first wrote a post on it in 2011, after my very first post about New Haandi 2000, which isn’t any “newer” now than it was then. Now Dan’s is facing the possibility of closing, if they get sold to a new owner, and we wanted to eat there before it’s gone. And the verdict for me was pretty good.

Dangerous Dan's


It still retained its characteristic theme, family friendly yet purposefully crash, complete with car seat chairs next to a Simpsons billboard. And as for the food, just look at this d@mn thing.


The Big Kevorkian : Fried onion, fried mushrooms, 2 slices fried bacon, deep fried pickle, garlic dressing & mayo


Yeah, Double D’s hadn’t changed much in four years, that’s a good thing. For old times’ sake, I ordered the Elvis Shake once again


Circa 2011

That was then.


Circa 2015

This is now.

I just wanted to thank everyone who has read my posts, especially my subscribers. This blog would’ve been nothing without a readership. It’s gotten all the way to hovering around 85 on UrbanSpoon’s ranking, and while I wrote the blog, it was you who got it there. Thanks so much for all your support!


Burrito Bandidos

Burrito Bandidos, their Beaches location

Burrito Bandidos, their Beaches location

Burrito Bandidos is a place down at Queen and Coxwell right across from The Beaches movie theatre.   It’s another one of the places that aims to sell quality food for cheapsie prices and seating.
Coca-Cola & lizards  Fun decor

Coca-Cola & lizards Fun decor

The decor was nice [I liked the Central American lizards] but the establishment was small enough that a bathroom wasn’t mandatory [Canadian law requires all eateries to have a restroom, but smaller places like The Burger’s Priest don’t seem to have one], so no relief for you!

Burrito Bandidos was popular; people kept coming in, mostly to order take-out, and their portions were huge.  The size of the burrito was mind-blowing, more so than discovering that Jeff Goldblum said the same dialogue in the Independence Day space ship chase that he did in the Jurassic Park T-rex/ jeep chase.

my iPhone 4 as comparison for size

my iPhone 4 as comparison for size

The Burrito reminded me of Chipotle’s burrito in several ways: size of your head and the mass of a newborn baby, high-quality ingredients, generous amounts of delicious, tender meat, and an array of vegetables, toppings, and sauces [that’s what happens when you order it with EVERYTHING on].
My Steak & Chicken Burrito with the works

My Steak & Chicken Burrito with the works

 One noticeable difference is that the Burritos Bandidos variety of burritos were saltier, which isn’t a bad thing, but otherwise they are similar, with the Mayan/Incan/Aztec inspired decor, the huge cheaply priced food, the-music-that-is-good-but-so-loud-that-it-deafens-people-so-that-they-have-the-blessing-to-be-able-to-turn-off-their-hearing-aid [I am sick of restaurants that are actually great places to eat at that feel the need to destroy people’s eardrums using non-explosive means, it’s like the inside of a teenager’s headphones!]
For people who do feel full when they are–I literally lack the ability [if I eat a really large amount I feel sluggish and a big weight in my stomach later]–then quesadillas are for you, they are really big but lighter and thus not as massive.  They are also just as good.
Shrimp Quesadilla, full of plump juicy shrimp throughout

Shrimp Quesadilla, full of plump juicy shrimp throughout

Simply because it is a little smaller than Chipotle, with less comfortable seating, I wouldn’t recommend traveling here over Chipotle, but I would dare say it’s pretty even.  Which means that I don’t have to travel to the ISS [like Chris Hadfield, the first Canadian ISS Commander] , the Middle East [like Rob Ford’s infamy, he literally was on Al Jeera News] , and then Mount Everest [like Yuichira Muira: the 80-year-old who climbed Everest] and back to find good Mexican food.  Actually, it’s hard to know where to go first.
The Good, The Bad, The Amazing

The Good, The Bad, The Amazing

Final line, if you’re in the neighborhood of a Burrito Bandidos, they are a chain by the way, and you feel hungry, I recommend this place.
Burrito Bandidos 1614 Queen Street East

Burrito Bandidos on Urbanspoon